Rarely. Below are a collection of Chris' projects and assignments from the 1st semester of Multimedia Design and Communication.

Project 1.1

was a group effort in building a value driven web page for a local Crepe Cart in Aarhus. Using HTML and CSS, we focused on menu images and location maps to help customers find and discover the delicious Crepes they loved.

Valhalla Aarhus Gym Life

was an online magazine designed and developed by Chris to focus on the gym lifestyle of students in Aarhus. Its value driven content is meant to support the needs of local students, while engaging their interest.

Raa Aarhus

was a group collaboration to design a webpage for a brand new local package free store. Its design and content stressed the cost effectiveness and ethical advantages of purchasing goods package free.

Interaction Assignment 3

was all about using CSS properties to play around with background images, gradients and decorations. Cats were used extensively

Design Perfume Assignment

was about creating an image that evokes feelings of youth and dreams.