Nótt - one mattress, two options.

Nótt was an effort to develop a consumer facing e-commerce store for a local, Aarhus mattress manufacturer. Built as a prototype, the idea was to develop a brand identity including naming and logo, typography, tone of voice and overall design and aesthetic. This overall creative work will be developed into a real, funtioning store by the companies owners.

Antik Museet webapp

*Best viewed in mobile* is an interactive web app for Aarhus Universities, Antik Museet. Meant to guide users through a journey of stolen, ancient Apulian art. This concept included videos, audio, games and an overall design meant to be immersive without taking attention away from the exhibit.

Raa Aarhus

A group collaboration to design a webpage for a brand new local package free store. Content was designed to stress the cost effectiveness and ethical advantages of purchasing local goods package free.

Cris Collection Webpage

An ongoing project for a local mattress manufacturer to redo their webpage, keeping the original aesthetic while updating the content with custom made .svg icons, animations, information heirarchy, CTA and navigation. Built in Wordpress.