Valhalla Aarhus Gym life

Valhalla Aarhus Gym life was all about providing local student with the fitness information they wanted. Local students were given a survey asking what they'd be most interested in and how they'd like to see it.

With students,

gym membership costs were a huge concern, so a large article was devoted to finding the cheapest gym memberships in Aarhus and what they offered


The design

was clean and simple with big images, as this was found to be what viewers wanted. One of the biggest elements was the inclusion of a video, because it was the #1 form of media viewers wanted to see.

The video, a review of Beats Powerbeats wireless headphones was chosen because it:

  1. added an element of gear, as requested by survey respondents
  2. was about a piece of gear you could get at a good price, as requested by students.

Layout and coding

was designed without any kind of typical Nav. Making the images intuitevly function as the navigation and putting focus on the content.


was strong and bold, to reflect the fitness lifestyle. This also applies to the custom logo design.