Raa Aarhus

was an incredible opportunity to design a website for a brand new package free store owned and operated by 3 students. Located in Godsbane Aarhus, the store had a big facebook following, but no current website

We used

their facebook page to survey likers about what they wanted to see on a possible website and possible options to include. With the following being mostly students, many considered the Packge-Free option too expensive, so we focused on increasing its value.


Webpage layout

was based on a mobile first approach, with the front page layout being influenced by the store windows of Raa. Colours were chosen in a soft pastel pallette with brightly coloured images of products and store profiles. CSS was coded in the "Grid" style as it worked well with our window-based layout.

Inside Raa


it was important to highlight the importance of environmental importance of purchasing package free, we chose to communicate this by emphasizing the values of the store and the story of the store propietors.


has since reached out that it would like to use the website with some adjustments.