Crepe A La Carte


Crepe a la Carte

is a local Danish Crepe cart. Their Aarhus buisness is run by the fiance of our very own Narcissa, who was instrumental in setting up contact and pitching the idea of a value added web feature.

Crepe a La Carte

already had a well designed website and through some customer surveys, we were able to discover some valuable features to add. The danish weather made these surveys difficult, as the nature of the business is very weather dependent, but with persistance we discovered their customers absolutley loved the product and wanted more. To do this, they needed to know the location of the cart and a more visual online menu to discover other possible items.


Crepe A La Carte

is very successful at community events, and takes part in many. Because of this, We also added an "Upcoming Events" feature, which essentially is a google calendar, so customers can see what events the cart will be at and when.


Our design

was influenced by the dark, clean layout of Crepe A La Carts current website. We added bright, high contrast pictures to sub menues of either "sweet" or "savoury" Crepes. A link to google maps was added so Crepe A La Carte could update their current location, making it simple for repeat customers to locate their changing location.