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Why & How reduce your waste

Danes value ecologically friendly products sourced from local Danish suppliers. The Package Free movement empowers your efforts for minimal waste in daily life.

We support this lifestyle with competitively priced, responsible and local goods easily purchased with minimal or reused packaging.

Every visit to Raa is a personal contribution to local producers and a cleaner Denmark.

Local Danish Products
Local Danish Products
Package Free
Danish Community
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Shop Local

Did you know XXX roasts coffee beans right here in Aarhus?

We stock products that support Danish producers.

At RAA, we value staying local while striving to reduce our carbon footprint.

Danish garbage bins are overflowing!

The average Dane generates over two kilos of trash per day.

That’s 789kg yearly, from every Danish resident.1

By reusing containers and gaining control of your portions, you help reduce food and packaging waste.

How To Shop

Save Your Containers
Save Your Containers

Clean glass bottles of pickles and collect your favourite jam jars, save paper or reusable cotton bags. Think "Can I reuse this container?"

carry jars
Bring Them to Raa

Collection growing? Contribute extra containers to the "Take a Jar / Leave a Jar" box - help others repurpose.

Weigh Jars

We'll note their weight before you fill

Choose Quantity

Buying specific for your needs reduces waste while being cost effective.

Pay. Simply

Your total is weighed and ready for home.

The Package Free Advantage